Monday, 14 June 2010

Bristol Naked Bike Ride (Super Cow is born)

Armed with no more than a cape, black paint and white paint **** went down to the Bristol Naked Bike Ride to have fun while raising awareness of cyclists and being a bit naked. Little did she know what was to be conceived at this glorious event...

Me... SUPER COW and my faithful steed Esme. Here to save the world from gas guzzling cars and to protect the glory of the bike!

Here's how my first adventure went off...

(if you want a copy of any pic just let me know - or don't and just steal it!)


  1. Super cow! Da da daaaaa! Suuuuper cow! Da da da da daaaa!

  2. Calamity Cow says: MOOOO! What a glorious adventure! Great job Super Cow and Esmee for offering your super powers to all these beautiful humans!